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Bruce Campbell: The Industrialist Recycler who lives in a Jetliner

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Bruce Campbell is an electrical engineer who got his fame because of his living choice. The guy chooses to live in a Boeing 727 jetliner. He has transformed the plane into a comfortable living home, in Portland, Oregon. He believes that jetliners are basically flying homes, strong, long, sealed pressure canisters that can easily withstand any earthquake or harsh conditions. His love for aerospace technology makes this a perfect home for him, and he will choose it above any other conventional home.

Who is Bruce Campbell? And why is he so famous?

Bruce Campbell purchased a jetliner from a salvage company in 1999. He paid 100,000 dollars cash for his jetliner. The plane is one thousand and sixty-six square feet (1066 sq ft) and weighs around seventy thousand (70,000) pounds. 

Bruce Campbell in an interview with CNBC said that “a jetliner home is a different kind of environment. It is a very strong, very long-lived, sealed pressure canister. The design and elegance of the structure is just heads and tails above any conventional home I am familiar with. And when you live in a structure like this, you feel a little more dignified, you feel a little more fulfilled with your life. And if you are an engineer a scientist or anyone who just appreciates the elegance and beauty of aerospace technology, it is just a happier place to live.

Currently, in 2023, Bruce Campbell will pay around two hundred and twenty (220) dollars per month in property taxes. His monthly electricity bill is around hundred dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars (100-250). 

Bruce in an interview said that his project cost around 220,000 in total (about $380,000 in today’s money), this was only for the purchase of the jetliner. He bought a 727 Boeing jetliner from a salvage company which according to him “was a whopping big mistake”. He said he should have bought a jetliner himself and that would have cost him less than what he paid. 

His jetliner history

The jetliner Bruce Campbell owns has an amazing history. He says “it was the very last flight for the owner of the airline, Aristotle Onassis, who everyone knows was the husband of Jacqueline Kennedy, former wife to the assassinated United States president John F Kennedy”. Aristotle Onassis’s remains were transported from Paris to Greece on the same jetliner. So it suffices to say this plane has had a significant history. 

How his career and life experiences shaped his perspective and approach to life

Having the love to understand, build, and work around aerospace technology has shaped his approach to life in many ways. Bruce Campbell in an interview said “When I was a young kid of perhaps fifteen years old, my family and I were watching the news and they showed the film footage of one of the Bowen yards. At that time in my life, I had no idea such places existed. It was amazing to me. There were aircraft parked wingtips to the fuselage as tightly as they could pack them. You could see them as far as the eye could see. My jaw dropped and I said, “OH MY GOD! THAT IS INCREDIBLE”. There are thousands of them just sitting there and why can’t I have them?”

So shortly after Bruce Campbell graduated, he bought a ten-acre real estate property on which now resides his jetliner.

Bruce says he paid around twenty-five thousand (25,800) dollars for the piece of land in the early 1700s.

  1. The decision to live in a Jetliner
  2. Why did he choose to live in a jetliner?

Bruce Campbell says that he understands how his living choice in a jetliner would seem unreasonable, weird, isolated, and even unnatural to some people, but to him, his living environment always felt natural.

  1. Challenges and difficulties he faced in making such a unique lifestyle choice

During the harshest part of winter, Bruce Campbell traditionally retreats to Miyazaki, a city in southern Japan with subtropical weather. Bruce, there owns a small apartment. But the pandemic has made this difficult, and for the past three years, he’s been living in the 727 years around, some of the difficulties for such a unique lifestyle choice.

  1. Living in a Jetliner
  2. The day-to-day life of Bruce Campbell in his jetliner home

Everything looks like something fun. He says that he has a primitive shower on the plane now. But he was having outdoor showers before because he could not find time as he had other priorities. But the harsh weather conditions pushed him to make an inside shower which he almost always uses. He has two lavatories in the plane, one for himself which he transformed according to his needs with a temporary sink, and the other one is for the guests. He uses a microwave oven all the time, as he does not like to cook so no stove is needed. A basic fridge and a washing machine are just about it. He tries to manage his food with a round trip to the town and getting everything edible he needs. 

  1. How he manages to live a comfortable and fulfilling life in such an unconventional setting

Bruce Campbell in an interview says that he likes his home to be minimal. He has made a few too many modifications to the jetliner to make it as living-friendly as possible. He made modifications to his plane for a complete 2 years, after which it felt like home to him and was not a danger to live in either. 

Bruce Campbel owns a futon sofa that can convert itself into a bed, he owns an electric blanket which he says has kept him alive through drastic seasons. He says that he sometimes even used his bed as office space, as most of his work is simply using a laptop sitting in a cozy and comfortable spot.

He says that his jetliner is basically a Faraday cage so no radio or wifi signal can enter it, so for work purposes, he has installed a polycarbonate sheeted window near his bed where he sits to get signals.

Bruce says that he hopes that in the near future, he will be able to acquire wifi services from Hillsboro which could provide him with free wifi. 

  1. Modifications and renovations made to the jetliner

Bruce makes entry to this huge house via the aft airstairs, which are easily retractable. He retracts it whenever he is away from his home for a long period of time. He has made the aft area of the jetliner his living space, with his very primitive shower located there. Two natural aft lavatories are functional. He has sleeping quarters in the form of a futon folding sofa and a bench where he spends almost all his time working, embellishing the elements of the aircraft. 

He further says that “jetliners retire at the rate of about three per day, for the most part, I think we shred them. And then spin around 180 degrees and make a home, after having just shredded. An aerospace class home-sized structure”.

  1. His living situation

Bruce says that he lives for a half year in the United States in his jetliner home, however, he spends half of his time in an apartment in Japan where his sweetheart and all his loved ones live. He says that her take on Bruce’s living situation is not the same, nonetheless, she supports him, and that is how they make their relationship work.

  1. Challenges and Criticisms
  2. Misconceptions and biases associated with living on a jetliner

According to Bruce, no matter what others might think of his living situation it’s the best home for him and as an engineer who loves aerospace technology, he has something to do with his home all the time. People sometimes ask him if this plane had crashed here and he simply renovated and started living there. To this, he answers that the thought is absurd because that is not possible. A crashed airplane would not be in a stable condition to live in. He bought the land and the jetliner and customized them to his needs. 

  1. How the future looks for Bruce Campbell
  2. Bruce Campbell’s future plans and aspirations

Bruce Campbell’s future plans include having a jetliner home in Japan as well, where he wants to live with his sweetheart. He says that in 2018 he almost bought a second aircraft – a 747-400 – but the deal fell out at the last minute, because the airline, which he would not name, decided to keep the jet in service for much longer than previously intended. He says that he had to put the project on hold, however, the deal still stands. Soon he will get a jetliner in Japan, and his love for jetliner homes increases every day. So he wishes he could have many more such homes all over the world.

  1. Impact of his lifestyle choice on society at large

Living in such an unusual home has made people think. Bruce says that his home is tough and strong and that these jetliners are meant to stay undamaged for a longer period of time. Campbell frequently gets visitors and even offers them free of charge lodging in the aircraft, while in the summer he hosts larger public events with funfair attractions. He says: “Artists perform on the right wing, guests dance in front or behind the wing in the forest, which for the big concerts becomes filled with all sorts of recreational venues. They’re not Disneyland class, just portable booths with different curiosities and little recreations, but they’re fun.”

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